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Science is one of the most important subjects for the academic progress and future of students in BC, because science courses provide the foundations for analytical thinking, developing numeracy, literacy, and technical skills. But it is also such a broad subject, and based on what grade your child is in, they can find themselves juggling biology, chemistry, physics, and many other science topics within the same course. Students find West Coast Education to be an amazing resource for science help, because we are experts in every area of the sciences! We are so specialized in teaching every subject and level of science that within minutes of working with a student we can identify the best way to address any problem in every area of every science course, without the need for expensive assessments. Our science program is entirely BC curriculum-based, so your child will get the help and support they need to see direct results in their performance on assignments, quizzes, and tests! 

We encourage you to explore our services pages to learn more about our many programs, and if you want to know more about how West Coast Education is your complete science solution, take a look at what others have to say about us and contact us to book a free consultation!

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Early Sciences to Science 9

At West Coast Education, we know curriculum down to the most minor details, which includes the many areas of science covered in early sciences in BC. From cell, human, and animal biology, chemistry, research methods and experiments, physics, astronomy and space, to earth and environmental sciences, geology and climate, we have the knowledge and resources to help students succeed. 


​We believe in the importance of students appreciating science and developing their scientific knowledge from an early age. And because we know that avoiding sciences can really limit a student's academic and career options in the future, we do whatever we can to ensure that our students enjoy working with us through their science classes and that they have positive experiences with all areas of the sciences in their early schooling!

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Science 10

We love when we have the opportunity to work with students in Science 10 because our specialty is ensuring that their first serious experience with upper level sciences is not a bad one. We understand that many students in Science 10 have not had positive or enriching experiences in science during earlier schooling. So we pride ourselves in providing an environment where students first become comfortable with complex scientific concepts and formulae that would otherwise be alienating.


Science 10 is also a critical period where students begin to make decisions about which areas of science they might be interested in pursuing for their senior science courses, and even for their careers. This is also the time where students begin to doubt whether they can achieve the education and career goals they had set out for themselves, as they gain a concrete understanding of the material they will need to master, and the work and commitment required.


We make a point of ensuring that students feel comfortable with each of the sciences, so that they can make an informed decision about the streams that they enjoy and feel confident with. At least one science 11 course is a requirement for graduation, and several science 11 and 12 courses are prerequsities for so many different institutions and programs; therefore, we think it is especially important that students finish Science 10 with an open mind about exploring different science courses in the future. 


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Geometry, VSEPR
Gr. 11 and 12 Science Courses

Most students choose  to take one or more sciences within the biology, chemistry, and physics streams. For more detailed information about these courses and how West Coast Education has everything you need for support in these areas, please check out the individual subject pages for biologychemistry, and physics.


We also provide complete tutoring and support in Earth Sciences, Geology and Geography, and more! For more information about these services, please contact us now!

Organic Chemistry
AP Physics, IB, and University level Sciences

IB and AP Level sciences are very challenging courses offered in many BC high schools that can provide students with university level credit before even graduating. These honours level courses and are a great choice for students who enjoyed and excelled in grade 11 and 12 science courses. Few tutors have inside-out knowledge of such challenging science courses, but because we regularly teach these topics at very high levels in post-secondary, supporting students with these courses is no problem for us, and we can assist students through every chapter and topic.


We are also very experienced at teaching all types of science courses, including but not limited to biology, physiology, kinesiology, nutrition, general and organic chemistry, biochemistry, health sciences, nursing and premed, physics, earth and environmental sciences at the post-secondary level. Whether you go to UBC, SFU, BCIT, TRU, Douglas, Langara, Capilano, or another insitution, we can help you work through assignments and labs, and can help you prepare for all aspects of your exams!

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Online Courses, Continuing Education and Homeschool Programs

At West Coast Education, we are one of the most diverse facilitators of cross-curricular BC online course instruction in the Lower Mainland. We provide our students with an amazing opportunity to take a distance-learning science course and enjoy all of the perks of flexible, self-paced education, with the benefits that come with face-to-face tutoring and instructional support, every step of the way.


We assist students and families through every part of the process: registration into a BC Accredited Credit Course, individualized tutoring through any of the BC ministry-determined learning outcomes they are struggling with, and we support the students through completing all of the homework or assigned tasks required for the course. We also provide our own materials and opportunities for extra practice in order to be absolutely sure the student has learned each concept, because we recognize that usually, doing homework is not enough to achieve complete mastery. When students are ready for the test, we facilitate the examination process as well. 


And the best part is we offer very special rates for full-course tutroing that are less than a quarter of the costs of other programs in the area! We know that when you make the choice to take a course in this manner, you will need unlimited support from us to see real success, so we give you just that!

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Summer School and Science Prep

Students are taking more responsibility with their education than we have ever seen in the past, and as a result many choose to continue their schooling in the summer vacation. We help support students through intense summer school courses, facilitate our own online courses with students who register through us, and we also encourage prep for students anticipating difficulty in chemistry in the coming year, or for those who are just hoping to get ahead. We approach prep in an open and flexible way, so you can tell us what you need, or we can assess the situation ourselves. 

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