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Introducing West Coast Education- i.e. Nadine & Sean - business and life partners for over 15 years, with over 100,000 hours of teaching experience under our belts. So it comes as no surprise that we are your source for the most complete, comprehensive, and caring educational support you will find


West Coast Education is and has always been just the two of us,
as we vowed over 10 years ago that we would keep it that way, in order
to ensure that our heart and soul would always be the lifeforce of this business. Since making that promise, our passion and commitment has empowered thousands of students in Vancouver alone, an astonishing accomplishment, and impact, for only two people to have.
There is nothing the two of us could be more proud of.

And while our business and operations may be rooted in the
Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada,
we are proud to serve students who live and/or study across the globe,
as we provide all of our unparalleled educational support entirely virtually, 
for any academic subject at any level, demonstrating the versatility of the talent, passion, & commitment that we embody in our work, 
everyday, everywhere.

Take a look at what has become a global "West Coast" community of students we support, hailing in from 29 countries and counting.



Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Burnaby, Surrey, Maple Ridge, countries around the world that West Coast Education reaches. westcoasteducation tutors and teaches students math, science, English, and more far beyond Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, China, India, even Brazil, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and more


Tutoring, Tutor, Vancouver, Canada, Education
Nadine and Sean Expert Tutors Math Science Educators Travellers Philanthropists

From West Coast to East Coast and everything in between

How a seamless transition at the onset of the 

COVID-19 pandemic positioned West Coast Education as a premium, virtual educational service, and took the West out of West Coast - for good.

Husband & Wife Founders, Sean & Nadine, hiking in the African Kingdom of Eswatini.

Cross-Curricular Specialists while school's in session, world travellers when school's out.


Tutoring, Tutor, Vancouver, Canada, Education

Math, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, 

Economics, Accounting, Statistics, History, Geography, English Literature and Academic Writing.


High School, AP, IB, University.

Admission Exam Prep, Personal Profiles,

Academic and Career Consulting.



Tutoring, Tutor, Vancouver, Canada, Education


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K-12 Tutoring

We are THE ONLY 

Cross-Curricular Specialists in the Lower Mainland, 

with unbeatable knowledge and experience in BC curriculum, as well as curriculum across Canada and the United States.

We provide complete, innovative and integrated course support and tutoring for ALL K-12 SUBJECTS up to and including AP/IB classes.

Please note: our K-9 programs are currently full, and due to an overbooked waitlist, that intake

is closed indefinitely.


While our singular reputation lends to our programs being highly overbooked, we are still  accepting students on a case by case (referral only) for Gr. 10-12 math, chemistry, and physics.

Whiteboard, Teaching, Instructor, School, University

Post-Secondary Tutoring

We tutor lower and upper division courses in the faculties of Science, Applied Science, Business/Commerce, and the Arts, for students studying in Universities and Colleges across North America, the UK, Australia, and Asia.


Some of the courses we tutor daily include Calculus I, II, & III, Physics, General & Organic Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Genetics, Psychology, Statistics, Economics, Accounting,

Linear Algebra & Academic Writing.

Please note: our post-secondary humanities, social sciences, and writing programs are currently full, and due to an overbooked waitlist, that

intake is now closed.


We are still accepting post-secondary students on a limited/exclusive basis (referral only waitlist) for post-secondary mathematics, statistics, physics, chemistry, economics, and finance.

Tutoring, Advising, Consulting, Mentorship, Guidance, Support


We provide complete &

comprehensive education 

& career consulting, 

including university and degree planning, personal profile optimization, and university/scholarship application assistance.


We know the institutions, programs, and their admissions processes across North America, the UK, and Australia, inside and out, and can answer any questions you have about your educational goals

and needs.

We are still

accepting students

on a limited/exclusive

basis (referral only waitlist) for educational advising for

Fall 2023.


School, Exam, AP, IB, MCAT, LSAT, USA, United States, law, medicine

Exam Prep

We provide unique, specialized preparation for ALL AP and IB Diploma Exams, as well as prep programs for the various standardized assessments such as diploma and entrance exams for competitive secondary schools in the United States and graduate programs across the globe.


Our services also include prep for the SAT, SSAT, GRE, ACT, GMAT, MCAT and LSAT.


Please note: many of our exam prep programs are currently full, and due to an overbook waitlist, that intake is now closed.

We are still accepting students on a limited/exclusive basis (referral only) for calculus, physics, and chemistry AP/IB exams, along with

MCAT and LSAT prep only.

Contact us today to learn more about how
we can support you in the pursuit of your educational goals.

Tutoring, Tutor, Vancouver, Canada, Education


Tutoring, Tutor, Vancouver, Canada, Education


First, a COVID-19 success story that we are honoured to share:

      I first went to West Coast Education and met Nadine and Sean in Grade 10, when SD43 was on strike and many students had difficulties accessing the learning resources they needed.  As a dyslexic student, it has often been exceptionally frustrating trying to learn in a school environment, where one teacher uses a single method to teach many students with various needs. Nadine and Sean are able to adapt their teaching methods according to each individual student, working in sessions as frequently as needed. The ability to go at your own pace while learning the material ensures that students fulling understand the concept they are currently learning before proceeding too quickly to the next.


From grade 10, to now three years post high school, Nadine and Sean have been essential support in my education. They have assisted me with more than 7 courses in my educational career, both with tutoring and by completing credited courses through their supervision, from Calculus, Physics, and English.


Most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic presented a serious obstacle for many students, particularly those who were trying to get the grades they needed to apply for their post secondary programs.  I was personally presented with this situation and needed to complete Physics 12 in a very limited time frame, the added concern of COVID-19 and inability to access many resources was extremely stressful. However, within two weeks of closing down their in person meetings, Nadine and Sean were able to quickly transition their tutoring to completely online sessions. Their quick and efficient response ensured that little time was lost due to obstacles presented with COVID-19, and the inability to continue their in person education centres. I was able to learn the material just as effectively had I been learning in the same room as them.


I am happy to say that I have been fully accepted into my post secondary program that I have been working towards for the past several years, and Nadine and Sean have been a huge part in getting me there. 

Reviews, Testimonials, Success, Grades, Marks, A+

- Chelsi, Post-Secondary
Architectural Student

Testimony, Testimonials, Review, Recommendations

I am a first-year UBC student who went to West Coast Education for my second term. My second term grades increased drastically in comparison to my first term (10-20%) ! The fact that they TEACH and don't DO your work is what truly sets them apart from other university tutors. Moreover, in my opinion, tutoring online as a university student is easy, convenient and way simpler to look back on than tutoring in person. I saw them for Econ 102 and Math 110, and It was very beneficial. I would recommend West Coast Education to all my peers.

- Jessica, UBC Student

Testimonials, Reviews

Looking back now to where I was before I am so grateful I went because I would not be where I am today without Nadine and Sean. They taught me Chemistry 12 and Pre-Calculus 12 this year and helped me achieve the grades I wanted and needed for my dream university. Every concept they taught was easy to understand and I was never afraid to ask them to re-explain anything. The best part about them is that they make you believe in yourself and they will do everything they can to help their students. Because of them, I am able to begin studying medicine and I will never ever be able to thank them enough for all the hard work and effort they invested in me and my education. Nadine and Sean have played such an important role in my education and I will most definitely be back when I begin my University studies.

- Youmna,
Medical School 

Testimonials, Reviews

Nadine and Sean are the absolute best. My kids couldn’t have made it through high school math and chem classes without them. Nadine and Sean go above and beyond with every student— constantly putting in extra time and extremely long hours to ensure that students understand the content. They genuinely care about their students and what is happening in their lives. My daughter did a project on how Nadine is her female role model/hero. They are the smartest and hardest working people we know.

- Teena, Mother of
Gr. 9 and 11 Students

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Testimonials, Reviews

West Coast Education is THE BEST place to get help with school!!!! There is no other place where you will find two people who are as caring and accepting of you, and will do anything to help you. This is not like any other tutoring place because Nadine and Sean own it and run it and THEY teach you, no one else.
Sean and Nadine have an amazing amount of knowledge and their teaching skills are better than any teacher I ever had. And if you are like my parents you will WANT your kid to be around them because they are such GOOD people. They are role models for all of their students and they go above and beyond tutoring to inspire you to succeed.

- Sarah, Gr. 12

Testimonials, Reviews

5 Stars is not enough for

West Coast!


Nadine and Sean at

West Coast Education are the absolute best! They are experts in knowing the Curriculum of any subject in any grade, and University level courses as well. Not only are they brilliant with both knowledge and teaching ability, but they get to know their students' learning styles and establish a trusted relationship with them, which is half the battle.


Don't waste precious time or money going anywhere else. Nadine and Sean make sure all their students succeed at the highest level possible! If you want to see grades and confidence skyrocket, this is the place to learn!

- Joanne, Mother of
Gr. 12 Student

Testimonials, Reviews

The countless hours Nadine and Sean spend with all their students is indescribable. The love and care they show for all their students is remarkable.


Everything at West Coast Education is done with such an incredible sense of passion.


My grades have shot up 20% after working with them in Precalculus 12 and Calculus 12 which truly reflects that West Coast Education has helped me realize my full potential. 


I can't begin to thank Nadine and Sean for all the hours and work they have put in with me.


I honestly couldn't have done it without you guys.

- Kamran, University
Business Student

Testimonials, Reviews

West Coast has saved my educational future two separate times in my life and I am not sure how to properly express the magnitude of gratitude I have for Nadine and Sean. In 2015, when I was set to graduate from High School, I found out 2 months shy of university application deadlines that I was 1 approved course short for a successful admission. Nadine and Sean worked with me for 6-8 hours everyday after school to help me complete a 5 month Grade 12 course in just 1 month, and finish with above an 80% grade, which lead to my acceptance into my university of choice.

Flash forward to now, 2021, and I am a degree-holder who is applying to a post-graduate degree. Similar to my first scenario, I am 1 approved course short for admission and have struggled immensely with this remaining course. Nadine swooped in to help me as much as I needed and didn't even bat an eye, even though it had been years since I last went through their service. She has helped me beyond words and I finally feel confident in a course that 3 months ago, I felt like I had absolutely no hope in. They are absolute miracle workers and the most hardworking, dedicated, and passionate people I have ever met. I owe so much of my academic success to them, and am very thankful for the time they have put into helping me. I would recommend them to absolutely anyone I know, 10 times over.

- Krista, Gr. 12

Testimonials, Reviews

Nadine and Sean at West Coast Education are what educators should strive to be! They have been helping me succeed academically for the past 5 years, all the way from high school to university. I have received help in subjects ranging from Precalculus 11 to Behavioural Neuroscience at the university level. They provide the highest quality of education and ensure that you succeed. What makes Nadine and Sean such successful educators is that they genuinely care about their students and will adapt their teaching style to best help the student strive academically. If it weren't for them I would not be where I am today, finishing my BSc and planning for medical school. 


West Coast Education uses modern technology and software for the most comprehensive digital instruction I have ever received. Myself and many friends who have traveled across the world to attend university are always grateful to know that West Coast provides us with quality education remotely from our homes. 


If you are seeking academic help during the current COVID-19 pandemic I would not hesitate to contact West Coast! My personal experience with their digital education system has been amazing and greatly improved my GPA.

- Nick, University
Neuroscience Student

Testimonials, Reviews

Nadine has been my tutor for my whole 4 years of university and I don't think I would be so close to my degree without her. She tutors EVERYTHING and she is amazing at every subject. She got me through the hardest biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, and calculus courses. And she even helped me edit my papers for all sorts of English and humanities courses and I always got As with her help!
There was even a time where she was away for a semester and too busy with research and so I tried over 5 different tutors!! None could help me like her and I begged her to put to side a couple hours a week for me and she did!
Now she teaches everyday so
it's so convenient!!

I recommend her to ANY student any subject in high school or higher.

**Update: I finished my degree, thanks at large to Nadine's help. 
I'm three years into my career now, thinking of going back to grad school, and I know she'll be there to help me every step of way through that process too. West Coast Education really is a life long resource for improving your  academic and career opportunities.

- Jason, University
Masters Student


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While we are a local business that started in Port Moody, BC over a decade ago, our success story unexpectedly transformed into an international venture, and adventure, in 2020.

Today, we serve all of our students across the Greater Vancouver community, as well as the international community, entirely through our versatile eLearning platform.

Contact us now to find out more about these coveted virtual programs. 

Thank you for your interest! We encourage you to check spam/junk for our reply as depending on your mail settings, our reply may be filtered into those folders. 

Please note, due to excess demand for our services, we do develop inquiry waitlists and may take longer than the usual 24 hours to respond.

Email, Contact


Phone, Call

text message

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Testimonials, Reviews

Nadine has been my tutor since grade 9 and has helped me with all of my subjects. I wasn't passing math when I started even though I had already tried Sylvan and Kumon. After a month with her I was passing and by the end of the year I got my first B!! Since then I have gotten her help in every subject and have become an A student! 


She explains things so well with real life examples and never loses patience. Best of all she teaches EVERYTHING so well. Unlike other tutors, Nadine is like an expert teacher in every subject which means I can always have the same awesome tutor. I am going to university next year and my mom and I know that Nadine is the reason why!​

- Nidhi, Gr. 12

Testimonials, Reviews

The time Nadine and Sean invest in their students is beyond any other teacher or tutor I have ever worked with.


Having worked with them for 5 years throughout high school and university, I have experienced a passion like no other for ensuring academic excellence with their students.


They brought me from a student who struggled to pass Pre-Calculus in high school, to a student who has the drive and confidence to maximize my potential pursuing business.


Without West Coast Education, I wouldn’t be where I am today!

- Vanessa, University
Business Student

Testimonials, Reviews

Nadine and Sean have helped me ace all my science courses!


I owe all my knowledge to them.


Nadine is like a reservoir of intelligence, her knowledge flows out to all her students and nourishes them in their studies, enabling them to do their absolute best.


I must thank them for motivating me even when I felt overwhelmed and for answering those late night phone calls when I was having problems with my physics homework.


There is nothing that these

two can't help you with!

West Coast is the place to be.

- Margaret, University
Science Graduate

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